Poker odds calculator

PokerTableStats is a poker probability calculator, whose task is to help players to beginners and the more advanced in the game of poker. The program is distinguished PokerTableStats many useful functions such as keeping statistics in real time, is perhaps the best and most significant option of this program.

Thanks to this program reliable player has a much better chance of limiting opponents, because he knows the strength of its hand-off which is very useful when playing poker.

Moreover, the program has other important functions that can boast of, they are: to show his hole cards of opponents, the database statistics contained in the cloud computing, statistics Hud on the table, identify opponents playing style, compatibility with other programs such as PokerTracker or Holdem Manager.

PokerTableStats was recognized by PokerStas and it is lawful for him, it is very easy to use and you can get as many as 28 languages. PokerTableStats program is downloadable in three different packages: Basic, Professional and Gold, each of them is a month and vary in different functions.